Dried “Choricero” peppers

This is a variety of “Capsicum Annuum” from La Rioja. A long, thin, fleshy, moderately hot pepper that we harvest when it is totally red and mature. Naturally dried in the sun like homemade products.

Then, they are washed, classified and cold-stored until they are strung and/or packed in different bulk formats. All processes, except stringing, which is done at home by hand, are carried out with our own machinery and technology.

It is a natural product with no additives, preservatives nor artificial colouring, which we recommend keeping in a cool, dry place.




We have bags of different shapes and sizes in which to present our products. We can personalise the bags with the branding of your choice or, if you prefer, you can use the brand Noceu…


You can have the peppers presented in cardboard cases of different shapes and sizes. Let us know how many peppers you would like per case, and we can give you a range of options.

In bulk

As many units as required. Unpackaged. You can market this product as you wish, just let us know how many kilograms you need and we will send them to you in bulk.


These are strings of peppers for hanging. Peppers are hung individually to form a bunch along the length of a string which can then be hanged both indoors or outdoors.