At Ramiro Pascual S.L. we cater for all of our customers’ needs.
We can supply our products in any required format: In bulk, strings, glass jars, cases, bags, etc.
You can customise the way our “Choricero” peppers, hot chilli peppers and “Ñoras”, as well as all our pepper flesh products, are presented, branded and packaged, according to your specific needs.

Our products:

We have six different products which you can customise by adding your brand and packaging of choice. Find out more about our dried products:



The different packaging and presentations:

These are the most popular ways in which our products can be supplied and presented displaying your own brand. As your provider, however, we will adapt to any specific needs you might have and can present our range of dried foods in any way imaginable.

In bulk
Glass jar

If you are interested, please get in touch with us and we can suggest other original ideas for the presentation of our products.